Style your new luxury bathroom with these tile ideas

5 Style Ideas for Your Luxury Bathroom in 2018

 We all dream of spending a few nights at the world’s most exclusive hotels, but luckily for you that kind of luxury isn’t just reserved for the rich and famous. Here we point out the top styling techniques used by hotels and designers around the world and help you design your perfect bathroom.

Go Big

Tiles are getting bigger and bigger — and with good reason too. A 60x60cm piece of stone which would have seemed enormous a few years back is now standard, with even larger formats making their way to our showrooms every month (our record currently stands at a whopping 120x60cm). Whether you have a huge bathroom or just enough space for a shower, bigger is better. A slim 1mm joint will create a seamless effect, as well as reducing the amount of grout to clean. Check out our design below, which is tiled in Active Gris (stocked at all of our branches): the modern and sleek floor provides a perfect contrast to the stark white suite — the oldest trick in the book for interior designers. Stretch the room out and maximise your space with a larger tile, because in this case size does matter.


The 30x60m size creates the effect of a never ending floor in this beautifully designed suite.

Go Grey

It’s time to stop dismissing grey. For years ‘boring’ grey was rejected in favour of beige and cream, which is now found in every single bathroom around the world (we’ve checked). Instead, boring old grey actually offers the most variation when it comes to shade and style — you can go for a slate-effect for the traditional look, or choose our Berlin Grey if you fancy a futuristic wash every morning. There’s even more choice in our brochure, or pop into one of our stores to get some more information.


This modern bathroom mixes old and new with a wooden sink unit and the sleek Berlin Beige on the floor.

Go Natural (ish)

Natural Stone is the Dom Perignon of the tile world: it’s the first, it’s the most tasteful, but it’s also the most expensive. In years gone by you would have been told by one of our friendly sales assistants that slate or marble in a wet area is a no-go, but now you can have the next best thing. Manufacturing methods have improved so much in the past few years, that it’s now possible to achieve the natural stone finish but in ultra-durable porcelain. There’s no need to seal it and no need to worry about your nearest and dearest dropping something heavy and cracking your prized stone either, just put it down and admire it. Below you can see how a porcelain tile can be used like Travertine, a natural stone which would usually need to be treated before use in a bathroom. Nowadays you can have champagne taste even in your bathroom.


Our Travertine Noce is used here to create a traditional look without the disadvantages natural stone can bring.

Go for a Feature

Feature tiles are the easiest way to add some flair to your bathroom without breaking the bank. Mosaics have traditionally been the go-to for features, but now there’s even more options to choose from if you want to spice up your wall design. For example, you could opt for a matching scored tile like our Desert Dune Chrome (pictured below) to use in your shower enclosure, which will compliment your existing choices as well as drawing the eye. A good feature wall can enhance even the most understated bathrooms, removing any budget or colour constraints you might be under. Find more mosaics and feature tiles in our brochure and all of our branches.


We’ve used feature tiles in both of these designs to add some variation to the walls.

Go Marble

Marble stands for luxury when it comes to bathrooms — just take a look at any five-star hotel and you’ll see marble everywhere. Formed by thousands of years of intense pressure, marble has been used for centuries as a tile and is still extremely popular today. However, like any natural stone it requires some maintenance and can be pricey. Again thanks to ever-improving manufacturing techniques, you can have your very own marble floor for a fraction of what it might have cost even a few years ago. Use large format marble with white grout to create an impressive floor space, or even use our porcelain version in a shower enclosure for a very regal look! Visit one of our showrooms across London and Kent for more information!


Used here in an open plan kitchen, our Stonemarble range is also perfect for a bathroom.

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