Benefits of installing floor tiles in an open plan area

Benefits of using floor tiles in an open plan area


Open plan spaces can have a positive impact on family life and in our Tunbridge Wells store we’ve noticed that more and more customers are going down this route and opening up their rooms.  Therefore, in this blog we’ve answered some of the most popular questions we’re asked.

Are floor tiles a good option for the whole space?

As floor tiles are a great practical choice to use in a kitchen, dining room and lounge they are the perfect option for an open plan area.  They come in so many colours, textures and shapes that you do have the option of making a bold statement.  However, we would recommend using one style throughout as mixing them up in an open plan space can look a bit mishmashed.  Use tiles to tie the space together then zone each area with furniture and different decorative styles. 

Aren’t floor tiles quite cold?

They needn’t be.  As well as choosing floor tiles that have warming tones, you can really add warmth by adding underfloor heating.  What was once considered to be a luxury is now becoming commonplace and is a particularly good choice for open plan spaces as it negates the need to add radiators.  Ceramic and porcelain tiles are both excellent conductors of heat so they will spread it evenly throughout the room and, underfloor heating also adds a pleasant feel underfoot!

What type of tiles work best?

Large format tiles look great in an open plan space as they really emphasise the area and can make it look even larger than it actually is.  As floor tiles are extremely durable and can last for many years, they are an investment.  With this in mind, it’s not always best to go with what’s in fashion at the moment as you may not like it in a few years, so we would always recommend taking your time to choose.  Travertine is always a popular choice for open plan spaces as it can fit with extremely contemporary and more traditional styling. 

Are there any tiles that I shouldn’t choose?

The most important thing to ensure is that your tiles are suitable for the floor.  It may seem like an obvious comment, but whilst floor tiles can be used on walls, wall tiles are not suitable for use on the floor.  Porcelain tiles are stronger than ceramic tiles so can be a better option, but this is something you can discuss with our team of experts.  As mentioned above, large format tiles look great in open plan room, whereas smaller tiles can make the area feel a bit closed in.

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