Large tiles create a seamless effect on your floor with minimum grout

Why Large Format Tiles are the Way Forward


With our first shop opening in 1983, it’s safe to say that here at Tilemates we’ve seen plenty of change in the industry over the years. One consistent trend however is the increasing size of tiles: they’re just getting bigger and bigger. Where 30x60cm was considered humongous a few years back, it is now standard - we even sell 1.2x1.2m slabs nowadays! Many people are still wary of choosing bigger tiles though because, let’s face it, nobody likes change. Here’s why when it comes to deciding on your new flooring, it really is turning into go big or go home.  


  1. Big Tiles Stretch the Room Out

One of the biggest misconceptions we deal with on a daily basis is the idea that you need a kitchen/bathroom the size of three football pitches to even consider having big tiles. False. Providing your floor space is at least one metre wide then you can have large format (60x60 and above) tiles - and you should. Bigger pieces of stone stretch your floor (and wall) out, especially if you lay them horizontally. A dark bathroom can be easily transformed by a light and large tile, with the absence of a million grout lines meaning the tile takes centre stage, not the stuff you fixed it with.




         Our Cointhian range is available in a 31x100cm size, which really stretches a room out

2. Less Grout

On that note, we need to talk about grout. The most evil of necessary evils, grout gets dirty, is a nightmare for tilers and can be expensive, but you simply have to have it. In years gone by, tiles were cut in a way so that the smallest joint possible was 3mm. That’s all changed though, with the introduction of rectified edges meaning you can tile with just a 1mm joint. Take advantage of this and get large tiles, therefore minimising grout lines. It’s much easier to manage and keep clean, and as we mentioned previously, minimising on grout will show off the tile, and not the grid lines that have become slowly grey after being battered by water and spag bol over the years. You have to use grout, but make sure it takes a back seat at least.



                                         The grout used with this Varese setting is barely visible

3. Create a Seamless Effect

Take a look in any plush hotel suite or catalogue kitchen and you’ll see a beautiful seamless floor which looks like you could play crown green bowls on it. Poured concrete or resin floors achieve this effect beautifully and are fairly resistant to the beatings life dishes out to floors. The only problem? Both options can be horrendously expensive, working out at around £120 per square metre. Instead, go for large porcelain tiles (45x90cm is a good size for an open plan floor) and use a matching grout and tiny joint. From a distance you’ll barely see the grout, and if you choose one of our stock tiles you certainly won’t pay anything near £120 per square metre.


Our Tribeca range comes in large sizes and is perfect for creating a never-ending floor


The ease in which tiles can be laid as well as their durability have made them the most popular flooring choice for centuries, but like any other industry, ours has had to adapt to changing times. Large format is the future, and it’s time to embrace it - pop in to one of our four showrooms to see some on display and find out more about your dream floor from our friendly staff.


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