living room ceramic tiles

Choosing ceramic tiles for a living room

The use of ceramic tiles in homes across the country is on the increase due to their versatile properties, hard wearing abilities and stylish appearance. The incredible durability and stain resistance of ceramic tiles in comparison to other floor materials is why it is being used more commonly in communal areas such as living rooms. The low maintenance but classic style makes it a favourable choice amongst many homeowners and interior design professionals.

With numerous ceramic tile variations available including colours, styles and sizes, it could easily become quite daunting for those wishing to update their living room flooring however this article offers our simple guidelines to help you choose the right ceramic tiles for your living room.

Ceramic tiles for larger living rooms

Larger living rooms allow for a more dramatic ceramic tile choice due to the bigger surface area. The dark tones in a marble effect tile work incredibly well as the rich glossy finish evokes a sense of comfort and style. Real marble is renowned for its high maintenance and its equally high price tag, which is why homeowners are more inclined to go for a marble effect ceramic tile rather than the real thing. 

Large format dimension ceramic tiles work best when in an open plan space such as a living room as they create a contemporary finish that exudes luxury and elegance.  These tiles complement light and neutral tones perfectly and will ensure your large living space is welcoming to guests.

Wood effect ceramic tiles also work well in large living areas as they will help create a feeling of warmth and comfort. Wood is known for being expensive and high maintenance, which is why wood effect porcelain and ceramic tiles are an effective alternative.

Ceramic tiles for smaller living rooms

When choosing ceramic tiles for a smaller living area make sure you choose a light and airy colour; a dark material could result in your living room looking even smaller. Rustic effect ceramic tiles work well in smaller spaces as the vintage texture will create a natural ambience.

The versatility of wood effect porcelain and ceramic tiles means that it also works well in smaller rooms as well as larger ones, however, ensure you choose a light coloured wood tile rather than a darker one, as this may result in having the opposite effect and making your living room look smaller.

Due to the lesser surface area of small living rooms, ceramic tiles that replicate geometric Victorian designs can look incredibly chic and stylish if paired with rustic accessories.  If you are interested in picking a Victorian tile for your living room, you may be better off choosing a smaller format dimension tile rather than a larger one, to ensure it doesn’t look cluttered.

Keep your ceramic tiles feeling warm

When choosing ceramic tiles for both small and large surfaces why not invest in some quality underfloor heating for that added luxury. By installing ceramic tiles, instead of real wood or natural materials such as limestone or slate, and using our underfloor heating systems this will give you the best of both worlds. 

If you would like to find out more about our range of ceramic tiles or underfloor heating systems, please speak to a member of the Tilemates team by calling 020 8397 6284.

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